About Us

Our Prime Focus: Solutions for Every Office
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Who Are We?

With over 20 years experience running large privately owned companies in both B2C and B2B spaces, we know a thing or two about business.


Office Prime Solutions was formed in 2017, providing a suite of solutions and furniture supplies for UK businesses.


Run with a strong set of values our intention, simply put, is to be the best in the business at delivering business essentials.


Our mission is to give the clients we work with top quality furniture products and services – delivering what customers need, when they need it.

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Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Offices come in all shapes and sizes.


Wherever you work is your office. Kitchen tables, small home offices, coffee shops, bars, reception areas, and restaurants … right through to the executive boardrooms of large corporate enterprises. All offices have two things in common – they’re where UK businesses are run from, and they’re our Prime focus in life.


That’s why we provide Solutions and Supplies to suit every UK business. If you are in business, the chances are you need some, or even all, of what we provide.

Core Values? We’re a company that cares!

People. The old adage ‘people buy from people’ is true. That’s why we operate a philosophy of partnership. In summary, we believe in the old saying, ‘do as you would be done by’.


The Planet is where we live. Right now, we are not planning on moving to Mars. So, we had better look after the Earth. We endeavour to maximise the number of recycled products in our range and we only work with supply chain partners who demonstrate strong commitment to reducing waste, reusing where possible, and recycling when all else fails.


Profit is not a dirty word. We endeavour to be a profitable and successful business that our customers can rely on. Oh, and we also give 5% of our EBITDA to charity each year.

Solutions and Supplies for Every UK Office.