All the Essentials for Heading Off to High School


All the Essentials for Heading Off to High School

Son or daughter heading off to High School?

Not sure what they need? Here’s our handy guide!

Some schools will give you a list but, in case yours is one of the many that do not, here is a quick guide to the sorts of things that most young people need as they enter secondary education.

Definitely needed from day one:

Ballpoint pens (three different colours), pencils, coloured pencils, glue stick.

You might want to buy a pencil case to put these things in.

Very likely to be needed (but not necessarily from day one):

  • Geometry set (compass, protractor, ruler etc).
  • Long ruler (top tip – either buy a 30cm pencil case so that the long ruler fits inside, or buy a folding ruler).
  • Scientific calculator (most commonly Casio FX83 or FX85 is recommended).
  • Scissors.
  • Sticky-backed plastic for exercise book covering.
  • Brown paper for text book covering.


Some schools but not others:

  • Exercise books, lined paper/ pads, folders.
  • Dictionary.
  • Memory sticks (not necessary for some schools as they have an online portal for transferring work).


 Top tip:

Use a blob of nail varnish as an identifier tag – quicker and easier than trying to put a name tag on everything!

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