All The Gear and No Idea?

All The Gear and No Idea?

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘All the gear, no idea’?

Well, this might be true of those people you see at the gym in the first week of January.

Or those who take up the latest on-trend hobby only to find that six months later, their ‘must-have’ equipment is still unopened.

I love enthusiasm, and I’m certainly not judging anyone who enters into a new pastime with the best possible intentions.

However, there is a world of difference between taking up a hobby and launching a business from scratch – because in the latter case, investing in quality tools for the job (‘all the gear’) is going to lay the foundations for future success.

So, with this in mind, let’s look at the question of: What office supplies do you need to start a business?

Home sweet home

If you’re working from home, you’ll inevitably have to put up with some people (people who have never run their own business, usually) making ‘jokes’ about how you must be staying in your pyjamas all day and asking you about the delights of daytime telly.

But for those who have actually done it we know full well that a home office shouldn’t be viewed as any less professional than any other place of employment.

What’s more, ever-increasing numbers of us are adopting the practice – with some reports suggesting that there are now around four million homeworkers in the UK.

So once you’ve got a computer and phone sorted out, what’s next?

Staple supplies to start a business…

Desktop essentials such as desk tidies and drawer sets are vital in keeping you laser focused and organised in your new venture.

Meanwhile, desktop planners will help you to measure and monitor time spent on tasks.

Then, there’s good old-fashioned pen and paper. Nothing beats crossing off items on a to-do list – and using high-quality writing instruments makes you feel extra special while doing it too.

Stress-free storage

Choosing the right office supplies is essential to keep the wheels of any office moving – whether at home or in a separate place of business.

Shabby cupboards and unloved shelving are likely to lead to mess and confusion.

I’ve seen it before. Files shoved on top of files. Boxes of paperwork.

When there is a lack of orderliness and organisation, it can result in stress and lack of productivity.

This is as true for someone setting up a virtual working environment from home or a large organisation with an open-plan office and many employees.

Selecting storage that is both practical and designed to last is worth getting right. Doing so at the outset will mean you reap the rewards in the long run.

Help is on hand

Office Prime Supplies offers a wide choice of stationery supplies and storage for new and established businesses. Plus, with highly experienced consultancy to help you make the right decisions when it comes to office supply investments, you can lean on us for support.

Visit our website to browse the current stock and take advantage of next day delivery for most items. Call 01270 760713 to get the conversation started.

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