Can’t I just shred all my documents myself?

Can’t I just shred all my documents myself?

Of course you can! But do you really want to? Is that an efficient and effective way of working?

Most offices have some sort of shredding capability on site. However, there is a degree of complexity in ensuring that you have shredded information as securely as it ought to be shredded.

In a lot of businesses information sits around waiting for someone to be available to dispose of it. Is it genuinely secure whilst it’s awaiting destruction?

You may think that doing it ‘in house’ will save you money. Yes, there are costs associated with having your own staff shred your data, but DIY has to be cheaper, right?

Not necessarily.

Once you start to factor in the time it takes for your staff to do the shredding, and also the loss of productivity (what they could be doing instead!) the DIY option can be as much as 50% more compared with an outsourced professional provider.

The other benefit of using an expert third-party service is that your shredding service is guaranteed to be carried out properly (in accordance with the security requirements of the data you are destroying).

Also, a third-party option negates the Health and Safety risks associated with office shredders. Shredders must be very well maintained, especially as they get older.

So, there is a lot to be said for freeing up your time to spend it on what you do best, and let our shredding partners do what they do best!

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