Essential list of office supplies for your home

Essential list of office supplies for your home

If you work from home, then you’ll understand that it has its ups and downs.

Yes, you cut down on time spent commuting and attending unnecessary meetings. Plus there’s the fact that you can work in familiar surroundings.

The downsides include feelings of isolation, lack of communication with colleagues and the danger of being stuck in a rut. Still, don’t let this put you off from taking the plunge, transforming your work routine or starting your own business from scratch.

After all, you’re in good company – according to recent reports, over four million people in the UK are working from home with more than half of them believing that productivity increases outside the office.

Getting started

The key to a strong start to working from home and improving your current remote work arrangements is to establish a home office that looks and feels professional.

It can be frustrating when you can’t get on with the task at hand, whether it’s because the big pile of laundry is distracting you or something outside has broken your concentration.

The first thing to focus on is that it’s a home office – so create a dedicated workspace that will help you to work productively.

That doesn’t mean a chair in your living room, but a distraction-free area of your house with a desk so that you can actually feel like you’re “going to work”.

Clearly, you’ll need to set up a phone and computer, but what next?

Essential supplies for your home office

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to stay organised. Dated planners, drawer sets, desk tidies and other desktop essentials are necessities.

But the absence of smaller – in no way less significant – supplies can be just as disruptive.

Take batteries, for example. We’ve all experienced those moments where batteries run out when they’re needed most. Why not be smart and invest in some rechargeable ones? You’ll be avoiding landfill and saving money all in one stroke.

To build on, there’s the old-fashioned, fool-proof method of using pen and paper. There are few things that match the satisfaction levels of crossing off tasks from a list.

Using writing instruments of high quality can only add to the experience: from felt tips and markers to ball points and fountain pens (with ink cartridges, obviously), complement your writing with the best tools.

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Help is on hand

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