How do I choose an office chair?

How do I choose an office chair?

Are you sitting comfortably? No, I’m not about to recite a children’s story, but I am going to be answering the following very important question: How do I choose an office chair?

You see, it doesn’t just come down to simply providing somewhere for an employee to sit. Choosing the right chair can make all the difference when it comes to productivity, efficiency and overall wellbeing.

What’s more, if you’re not going to take these benefits into consideration, then you might as well offer staff a box or a wonky stool to perch on.

The highs and lows of office life

A one-size-fits-all approach simply will not do when selecting an office chair. In fact, the science of ergonomics shows that there needs to be a good ‘fit’ between a person and their working environment.

When office managers and business owners fail to apply the principles of ergonomics, there is the potential for poor productivity and ill health.

(Not to mention the duty of employers by law to assess health and safety risks to employees.)

That’s because everyone is different. We’re all different sizes and heights. We have different shapes. We may also have a different way of positioning ourselves when we work at a desk.

The problem occurs when office furniture has been designed with one type of person in mind. Chairs which are static and positioned too low down in relation to a fixed height desk can cause strain. The same is true when chairs are set too high, and an employee needs to bend and adjust their body in order to complete a task.

What’s the answer? Easily adjustable office chairs, which allow a user individually-tailored control over raising, lowering and angling a position so that they can work comfortably.

How do I choose an office chair alternative?

If you regularly use a desktop computer or if you are involved with a lot of typing work, using armrests can constrict your movement, and therefore cause problems over time.

You could choose a chair with adjustable armrests, or even an office chair with arms that can be removed completely.

Then there are the really radical ideas. Now, standing desks aren’t everybody’s cup of tea and I completely understand that being on your feet all day is tiring.

That’s why kneeling chairs are causing something of a stir as a happy compromise between a standing desk and a traditional office chair. Kneeling chairs support the lower spine’s natural curvature resulting in better posture and freedom of movement.

Help is on hand

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