Office essentials checklist – office supplies

Office essentials checklist – office supplies

Hands up who thinks the most annoying thing in the office is the post-holiday interrogation?

You know, when it’s your first day back and someone asks: “How was your break?”

That’s always the moment it hits you. Your holiday is well and truly over the moment the question is asked. (Nobody is really interested in the answer, by the way. It’s just their way of politely getting you back on track and out of ‘holiday mode’.)

The questioning doesn’t stop with one person.

Everyone wants to stop by to rub it in. You find yourself nodding along. Yes, my break was great and yes, it has flown by and yes, it’s like I’ve never been away. All through gritted teeth.

While I do agree that the post-holiday come-down is annoying, it has to be said that there are plenty of other little frustrations when it comes to office life.

And nothing gets me quite like a lack of organisation.

Don’t let chaos reign

If you’ve ever worked with somebody who likes a chaotic desk, then you’ll know they will make every excuse to reassure colleagues that their ‘filing system’ functions perfectly well, thank you very much.

That may be true, but when one piece of vital information is at the back of a drawer and the other is used as a coaster for a cup of coffee, you just know there are going to be problems.

Besides, who really wants to be hunting around for crucial paperwork or cannot-do-without equipment?

It’s time-consuming, inefficient and stress-inducing.

Far easier to have exactly what’s needed, within reach. It’s a strategy that’s been shown, time and time again, to cut down on wasted time and boost productivity.

Office essentials to make life easier

Keeping important documents together makes the world of difference. A well-ordered filing system is vital, as are neat drawer sets and desk tidies.

Instead of spending hours searching high and low for that urgent correspondence or invoice, with the right organisation, it’s all easily to hand.

It’s not just about appearances, either. (Although I’ll admit that there’s nothing worse than a scruffy office environment. Properly displaying posters and announcements using strong adhesive and tape to prevent peeling makes all the difference.)

With the right office essentials, working life is a breeze. Improved organisation means an improved experience for everyone.

So then all you really need to worry about is booking your next holiday – get your office essential checklist sorted.

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Help is on hand

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