The perfect office supplies list for Cupid

The perfect office supplies list for Cupid

What office supplies should I have?


As today is Valentine’s Day we thought it apt to spread a little love and put on our best Cupid persona when it comes to what office supplies are available that encourage feelings of sweet adoration.


Does romance and business work?


Would it surprise you to know that 22 per cent of people meet the love of their life at the office?


That’s higher on the love chart than meeting a romantic partner through friends, online or at a social! Who’d have thought?


When research suggests that two out of three workers across the UK aren’t averse to dating a colleague, a few essential office items are required in Cupid’s arsenal to make Mr and Mrs Right stand out from the crowd.


Fresh as a daisy office supplies


First off, there’s the state of your workstation to consider. If the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat you’ll need to do more than a simple paper shuffling exercise to uncover a pristine desk. Here’s what you’ll need to give your desk, computer monitors, phone and other office equipment a good old scrub down:



Remember to use this exercise to pick up good habits. As you’re tidying papers, writing instruments and notebooks, it might be useful to think about paper trays and binders to file documents and notes efficiently.


Never fall into the trap of surface cleaning and risk losing a nail or worse in the mini landfill site that used to be a spacious drawer – stack, store and organise.


When was the last time you considered your posture?


Looking preened with hair, makeup and clothing is a given but so is how you hold yourself. Sit up straight in your chair puff out your chest to ooze conviction.


This posture test might highlight the need for a little extra support in the lumbar or neck region so an ergonomic chair or cushion support wouldn’t go a miss. It’ll also help you to look relaxed and ready to take on the world.


Confidence is a good trait in a potential partner so think about showing off your good side. Could a desk lamp highlight the contours of a chiseled jawline or the flicker of lengthy lashes?


1680 hours are spent at the office every year


It’s an average but it is more likely that you will spend more time in your working life with work colleagues than you do with family and friends. So, when singletons are on the lookout, behaviours and attitudes can be surveyed easily from a distance.


But once a connection has been made there is still an underlying stigma about ‘seeing someone from the office’. So much so that around 76 per cent of people confessed that they would keep an office relationship hush-hush.


And with that in mind, it’s important to maintain efficient stock rotation to ensure that the store cupboard doesn’t get too cluttered to move around in – nothing says romance like the contents of the stationery cupboard!


Check out our reviews … like: “I am very pleased to find a pragmatic Office Supplies company that provides more than just the usual stationary!”


Help is on hand to assist with Cupid’s arrow


Office Prime Supplies have a huge product offering online with next day delivery options for just about anything Cupid might need apart from golden arrows. Although I’m sure a Blue Peter cut and paste with card and glitter would do just the job.


Whatever you need when it comes to what office supplies you should have for Valentine’s Day and the remaining 364 days of the year, trusted in us to deliver – call 01270 760713 to start an conversation today.

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