What are the advantages of office equipment?

What are the advantages of office equipment?

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Shredding equipment is an office essential for many businesses.

There are several advantages to having quality office equipment close to hand in a busy workplace environment. In fact, we’d go almost as far to say that certain workplace paraphernalia is as essential to you as a worker as petrol or diesel is to a car. Without it, you simply couldn’t perform your intended role.


What exactly is office equipment?


Loosely speaking, office equipment has longevity on its side. It may need consumables to operate, such as ink cartridges for a printer or staples for a stapler, but they are non-perishable as opposed to expendable items.


This immediately offers the potential advantage to long-term cost savings and as a business capital expense the residual value can be accounted for each subsequent year – particularly useful for high ticket items such as electronic office equipment.


Retro office equipment helped us to get connected


Think back to the ‘80s and ‘90s (if you were old enough to have been working then) when an explosion of electronic office equipment introduced a welcomed additional level of support for many workers. Innovative kit included oven-sized computers, fax machines, photocopiers the size of a family car, rather large cordless telephones and desktop digital printers.


The decades even saluted clunky instant-message emails and dial-up Internet access. I can almost hear anyone under the age of 25 shouting at me … “Dial-up? What’s that?”. Just be grateful you don’t know!


Thankfully most of these trail-blazing but now archaic technologies have been superseded. Modern day office equipment manufacturers constantly reinvent and improve products that we can benefit from in the workplace immensely.


The noughties and twenty-tens helped us to save time


Nowadays, electronic office equipment is pretty much a given.


Machines improve business integration and help speed up communication within the office and away from the office with conference calls, data streaming and file sharing.


Technology enables task automation and scheduling and with the right processes and training in place for staff members, duties are simplified, and productivity enhanced.


The ability to print, copy, scan, email and file has saved time and money by removing the need to write, post and archive a multitude of tangible materials.


Office equipment has helped us to save space


Mercifully, offices are no longer overrun with elephant-sized equipment as contemporary versions have shrunk to a more convenient chicken-size.


Scanners help to prevent human error, save space and reduce manual tasks. A scanned document is instantly available to share with colleagues and clients by email or a networked server.


Original paper copies can be destroyed securely, and an electronic version is filed safely in the cloud. And the beauty of an electronic file is that it can be encrypted to protect sensitive information.


A document shredder is not a new office gadget but it has been far more desirable and advisable since 25 May 2018. On this date GDPR became UK legislation and whilst it has always been a moral, common sense, and legal duty to have processes in place to protect sensitive and personal details and guard against data breaches, the newer laws have forced many businesses to pull their socks up.


Shredders can destroy everything from the largest financial statement documents to the smallest petty cash receipt.


Where to start with office equipment for your business


All office equipment has quality and budget options to choose from but it can be counterproductive to choose low-cost at the detriment to quality because inevitably there will be less warranty and replacements will be needed more frequently.


If you’re unsure about how best to determine what office equipment you need, Prime Office Supplies offer a service to review your current products and usage in order to recommend a full provision – it may be that you can update equipment to save on cost and improve productivity or eliminate some products altogether. We can even advise on coffee machines, EPOS systems and presentation equipment.




 “I am very pleased to find a pragmatic Office Supplies company that provides more than just the usual stationery!”


Help is on hand


Office Prime Supplies offers a huge choice of office equipment available to order online today plus a valuable consultation service to determine the best products to streamline your business – call 01270 760713 to book a meeting.

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