What is included in office supplies? Three vital cupboards you need to be aware of

What is included in office supplies? Three vital cupboards you need to be aware of


Office supplies are a necessity.

Talk of workplace supplies between employees often comprises pens, paper, order books and envelopes, but when you really think about what’s included in office supplies, literally thousands of products come to mind that are available to fill those essential store cupboards.


Here are the absolute essentials when it comes to, not one but three, company cupboards you may need to stock.


The overflowing workstation cupboard


Here you will find a real mish-mash of stationery materials and desktop supplies. If an individual owns the cupboard there may be ‘questionable personal’ items that should belong in the beauty cupboard, sports cupboard, party cupboard … probably the ‘void’ cupboard too (aka the waste bin!).


To ensure your working day is productive and you have exactly what you need within a stride or two, or an arm’s reach, typical office supplies included in the workstation cupboard would be:


  • Pens/pencils
  • Notepads/loose paper
  • Staplers and punches
  • Labels
  • Envelopes
  • Printer inks
  • Folders/ring binders
  • Adhesives or tapes


Think about anything that you might need to take a message or note a reminder, collate and compile, stick things together, post out, store securely, or replace (e.g. printer cartridges) and you’ll be on point.


The take-a-break kitchen cupboard


Inevitably during the working day you’ll need a break from the slog to prevent eyestrain and to recharge the batteries with a cuppa or more substantial lunch.


The kitchen cupboard may not spring to mind as an entity replenished by the office supplies company but it certainly can be. And it will save time and money if it is.


Tea, coffee, chocolate, cold drinks and packet food and confectionery are available to order and should be included.


Once suitably refreshed if you’re a conscientious employee, mugs, glasses, cutlery and crockery need to be washed and tidied up. Several supplies can be found in the kitchen cupboard to assist with these chores.


So, what are they?


You got it … cleaning cloths, scrubbing tools, washing-up products and drying towels. For the more advanced kitchen the cupboard may also contain dishwasher tablets and coffee machine cleaning detergent.


The fresh as a daisy cleaning cupboard


Getting towards the end of the working day often calls for a quick refresh of the working environment.


Did you know that there could be 400 times more bacteria found on your desktop than the office toilet seat? Okay, the bacteria on the toilet seat are of a more unpleasant variety, but it’s nonetheless a cause for concern … a trip to the cleaning cupboard to see what’s appropriate for a quick ‘end of day’ clean is a definite ‘must’!


The cleaning cupboard is home to an array of potions and supplies designed to swab up the daily grime. Bleaches, disinfectant sprays, wet wipes, polish and dusters are found neatly stacked next to their equipment counterparts, namely the broom, vacuum, mop and bucket.


A daily spruce of the floor, desk and surfaces is so important for the health and hygiene of your office and workforce.


What needs to be included in your office supplies?


Maybe it’s a little more involved than you originally thought.


Office supplies kept in three essential cupboards will aid your working day, feed and water you, and help to protect you.


Spend some time (or delegate the task) to create an inventory of the provisions used by everyone in your company. This may already be written down somewhere, but it may not be stored electronically or there may be multiple or out-of-date lists.


Categorise by type or department and try to think out of the box.


 “This company has the most wonderful, ‘personal touch’ customer service. Your account manager will do everything to find you the best possible deal on a product and keeps you informed every step of the way with the progress of the order and shipments. There is a fantastic range of products available, but you can also request all sorts of items that might not be on the website. OPS gives you peace of mind with your office supplies because everything is dealt with for you, quickly and efficiently. Perfect for stationery lovers and for busy people!”


Help is on hand


Office Prime Supplies can help you to create an ideal office supplies list for your business. Visit www.officeprimesupplies.co.uk or call us today on 01270 760713 for an informal chat to arrange a meeting.

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