What links the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to your Office Supplies?

What links the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to your Office Supplies?

HSM SECURIO C18 CC-3 Cross Cut shredder

HSM SECURIO C18 CC-3 is a 3.9x30mm Cross Cut shredder

An overview of shredders and why your office needs one


A shredder is just one type of office equipment out there that has increased in popularity over the past twelve months.


As data breaches become a common occurrence, we hear a lot about cyber security. However, it’s important to acknowledge that 27 percent of infringements of the data protection laws in 2016 were paper based and not digital as most would assume.


Take a quick scan of your desk area.


How many note pads, desk pads, wall charts and printed sheets are visible?


If you’re like most people, personal details or customer data of a potentially sensitive nature could be written or printed on these office supplies at some point.


Sales of shredders have rocketed since 25 May 2018 when UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) legislation came into practice governing the collection, use, storage and destruction of personal data.


Step in The Mighty Shredder (and, despite the title of the blog post, I’m not referring to the super villain nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). That’s a whole different blog post.


What types of office equipment shredder are there?


There are many types of shredder equipment available to suit every office environment size and needs, from the small home office to the open plan community.


Investing in quality equipment will help you to control the shredding requirements of your organisation. Top end shredders come with a three-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the machine’s shredding teeth. Options include auto-feeds and lockable document hoppers to save on time having to observe the shredding.


Choose from equipment that can sit on the desk, under the desk or in the corner of a communal room.


So much more than paper


Office shredders can destroy so much more than just paper.


One of the disadvantages of early shredders was their flimsiness and limitations to the type of material and thickness that could be shredded.


Nowadays equipment is much more versatile and can chew up heavy gsm materials, multiple pages, even CDs and staples, so there’s no faffing with ripping corners off clipped documents or uncertainty around laminated sheets and wiro bound pamphlets – just feed it all in! Simple.


Machines are also quieter and more compact ensuring operation is easy on the ears and kept out of harm’s way.


Choose the type of cut


Contemporary office equipment comes in many forms and shredders offer three types of cut to securely demolish sensitive documents.


  • Ribbon cut shredders create 2-12mm wide strips as they shred. Typically, this type of equipment is faster but limited to paper.
  • Cross cut shredders create tiny confetti type bits allowing document destruction to be more secure and easily disposed of but slower in time.
  • Micro cut shredders provide the best option for security as they shred to mere dust particles making it virtually impossible to reconstruct the original document.


Off-site shredders guarantee compliance


Off-site shredding services are available for larger organisations and for businesses that want to handover the responsibility.


Using an off-site shredding facility will remove the health and safety risks associated with office equipment and also provide fixed costs for budgeting.


Bagging up documents to be collected and destroyed can form part of a simple process for office workers, streamlining their time more effectively. Human error can never be eliminated completely and when you consider 45 percent of paper printed in an office can be thrown away at the end of each day, business owners need to make sure that any sensitive materials are destroyed in the necessary manner.


“Great customer service and super-fast delivery. Recommended!”


Help is on hand


Understanding what type of shredder or shredding process will suit your business can be confusing, as can any long-term investment in office equipment. A valuable consultancy service is provided by Office Prime Supplies to introduce you to the options – plus a huge selection of office equipment is available to order online for next day delivery.


Call 01270 760713 to take the next step and see how we can help.

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