What types of office printers available?

What types of office printers available?

How to decide which model to buy

Choose the right printer for you

Choosing a printer that’s right for you


If you have a computer, laptop or tablet, chances are you will also have an office desktop printer hooked-up or accessible via a Wi-Fi network.


These two pieces of equipment are essential to the smooth running of a modern day office, but how do you know what type of printer to choose should you need to upgrade or replace it?


Decisions, decisions…


Think back to your last glitzy evening out. I know, I know, it might have been a while for some but I’m writing this blog just after Christmas so hopefully there has been some cheer recently…


Anyway, the decisions and complications of what to wear for you or your better half when it comes to date night can be challenging! Should it be the red one or the black one? No wait, the red one (or maybe switch back to the black one).


Well, choosing a type of office printer poses a similar conundrum. With modern technology, the options really are endless and once you’ve narrowed down the wish list, every printer brand has a similar model so there lies another decision to make.


  • 3D printers
  • Colour laser printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Mono laser printers
  • Photo printers
  • Receipt printers
  • Label printers


How could you possibly decide without the help of an expert or a bottle of blueberry gin and a donkey’s tail? (Apparently, blueberries help you to focus).


What do you want to use a printer for?


It might seem like an obvious question (to print stuff off, of course) but depending what your day job is, there are a great many uses for printers.


A good place to start is to consider the type of documents you will print in terms of ink coverage – heavy images or mainly text – and how many pieces of paper you think you might use during a working week. The number of people using the printer and your business sector will impact choice greatly.


Inkjet printers


If you’re after a quick and versatile option, inkjet printers are a great solution for printing a multitude of documents and are good at printing colour and photograph representations.


Most types of inkjet office printers are compact in size – ideal for desktop positions – cheap to purchase and quiet.


Inkjets are self-cleaning but they do use ink from their cartridges as part of this process so replacement ink can be costly and frequent. Whilst refill cartridges and non original equipment manufacturer (OEM) alternatives are available, if volume print is required, an inkjet isn’t your best bet.


Laser printers


Laser printers are more expensive to purchase and tend to be larger in size so suit the communal office environment better as opposed to the home office. They can be noisier machines and struggle with high definition images.


Ideal for quantity, laser printers are workhorses, churning out sheets quickly and cost-effectively. Laser printers use toner cartridges to produce the print coverage and are ideal for black text documents. This is the option of printer to choose if monthly reports, client letters and briefing documents are frequent.


Toner cartridges are more expensive than inkjet cartridges but considering the bigger picture the cost per page will actually be cheaper.


Dot matrix printers


Popular in the 80s, dot matrix printers have taken a back seat as the ‘wine bottle cork’ of the printer family. A robust and noisy printer, believe it or not modern versions are still being produced today and can be an excellent choice for manufacturing, freight and transport industries.


Dot matrix printers use ‘impact’ to print, ideal for printing multipart documents such as delivery notes, paper order forms and secure wage slips.


Multi-function printers (MFPs)


The requirements of most SMEs involve the printing and scanning of documents. Scanning papers allows office workers to cut down on storage and unnecessary filing. Having the ability to share an electronic file between colleagues and customers and to securely save and retrieve the files aids productivity and data protection.


Inkjet and laser printers both offer options that include the feature to scan and print materials in a variety of sizes such as A4 and A3.


Some types of office printer can be recycled at the end of life and payment plans make almost any model affordable.


Choose from popular brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Epson and Kyocera and variable features such as:


  • USB or wireless connection
  • Duplex printing (both sides)
  • Print, copy, scan, fax
  • Speed
  • Eco-aware


Seek professional advice about the types of office printers available


“Fantastic advice and great service! I spoke to Office Prime Supplies about a wireless printer for our office and received great advice about the most suitable features for our requirements. Once I’d decided on the model, I place the order over the phone and it was delivered the following day. Very pleased with the printer which works over our network perfectly.”


The choice really is yours but just keep in the back of your mind the glitzy night analogy and that once the decision to go with red has been made, it’ll be costly to change back to black again!


Help is on hand


Understanding what types of office printer are available will help you to make the right decision for your business. Office Prime Supplies offers a valuable consultancy service to explain the options available based on your exact needs and printer equipment can even be ordered online for next day delivery.


Call 01270 760713 and let’s have an informal chat about how we can help.

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