What you need in your office

What you need in your office

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t quite put your finger on something? It’s doubly frustrating when you’re working and that vital something just happens to be… well, nowhere to be found. That’s why, when making a list of “What you need in your office,” organisation within arm’s reach needs to be a top priority.

Oh, and when you’ve made your list? Make sure it’s handy and accessible.

Not lost in the chaos of your desk.

Don’t let chaos reign

Whether you work from home or in an open-plan office, creating an environment that is as stress-free as possible is of huge importance.

Don’t underestimate the significance of happiness, and how this can be affected by factors such as workplace conditions, unnecessary distractions and poorly thought out office design.

Did you know, for example, that happy employees demonstrate 31% higher productivity?

Or that the average office worker loses 86 minutes a day?

In other words, happy employees equal a more productive business.

Meanwhile, when chaos reigns, staff members who are already stressed may waste more time looking for a lost piece of equipment or missing correspondence.

They then become even more stressed and even less productive.

The whole experience becomes a vicious circle.

An essential list of what you need in your office

Organisation is the glue that keeps an office together and operations running smoothly. Without it, life becomes extremely difficult.

It’s all about empowering your workforce to do and be their very best – and that means giving them sufficient support (and the right tools) to simply get on with the task at hand.

Basic equipment such as stands for telephones and tablets ensure that much-needed technology doesn’t simply get misplaced.

Desk tidies keep workspaces neat and well-presented, as well as making sure that everything is exactly where it should be, when it is needed.

Meanwhile, for ultimate efficiency, nothing beats a desktop calendar. While phone calendars have been heralded as the future, reliance on digital planners often means that users can find themselves juggling many different appointments across different devices and accounts – which is where events, dates and meetings can get missed.

Instead, a desktop calendar presents your schedule in an easy to read, visible format that can be consulted and checked at a glance. It’s a winner with us.

Help is on hand

Office Prime Supplies offers a range of solutions to make office life more organised – this includes consultancy on what you need.

Visit the our website to browse 1000s of next working day delivery stock items or call us today on 01270 760713 to discuss your requirements.


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