Why are office supplies so important in the 2019 workplace?

Why are office supplies so important in the 2019 workplace?

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You’d be forgiven questioning why office supplies are important but before you dismiss it as an irrelevant question, imagine this … You are about to leave for an important meeting. It’s potentially career-making (or career-breaking!). All of a sudden you discover that the damn printer has run out of paper.


But where are the fresh reams kept?


Do you even have any?!


Cue frustration, panic, concern … possibly a total meltdown!


Who knew? Office supplies could be the key to your emotional well-being!


Okay, maybe not.


But in certain scenarios having the essential basics where you need them, when you need them, certainly makes life a whole lot less stressful.


What do you do?


Fortunately, your company is well-organised and people communicate effectively, so you know that this sticky situation can be avoided.


The crux of why office supplies are so important


Office supplies really are the lifeblood of a successful operation when it comes to the office environment. Having a process that all staff members are familiar with will maintain healthy stock levels of essential supplies. The shared responsibility of highlighting depleting resources before they run out is a positive behaviour to encourage – and is in everyone’s best interest.


All joking apart, stress levels can run high if obstacles are put in the way of people being able to do their job properly. Believe it or not, humble office supplies are a great stress-preventer.


Key fact: Work related stress, depression or anxiety cases in 2017/18 was 595,000. There’s no need to add to this stress with a poorly performing office supplies purchasing department.


Fast-forward to conclusion of the important meeting scenario mentioned earlier. Despite initial setbacks it was a success and you now have administration tasks ahead to ensure this new project is managed effectively.


Once the relevant documents have been created they will need to be filed appropriately in order for team collaborators to access and understand the information they need, quickly.


Not all offices are virtual


The cloud is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a good old fashioned folder and storage box system works wonders, especially if there are CAD drawings, original forms and pre-Microsoft Office materials involved.


Keeping an A-Z storeroom archive system in place provides easy access and the flexibility to research records. And of course, neat organisation ensures that papers don’t drop out of folders or get creased or torn. Rely on trusty filing strips, paper clips and binders to save the day here.


Could be an antidote to high blood pressure for managers and team members!


Making documents digital


All tangible documents must say their goodbyes at some point.


And when the time comes to digitally scan and electronically archive the documents, office supplies will again come into their own once again with really useful storage containers and transfer box files to securely pack and transport papers and files to the scanning department.


And you know what this means?


More storage in the cupboard for brand new office supplies!


But where do you start?


To be efficient when it comes to common (and not so common) office supplies, start by drawing up an inventory of what’s used and what could be used to improve the day-to-day operation of the business.


By carrying out this exercise you may find that some materials are not as important as originally thought and a more cost-effective alternative is available. This is also a great opportunity to review the supply chain and ask yourself, “can I streamline the ordering process”?


“Brilliant service – thank you.  First time I have used OPS and I have to say that it was painless from start to finish – added bonus was that my stationery arrived the next day.  I will definitely be using you again.”


Help is only a click away


Office Prime Supplies can help you to understand why office supplies are so important in your business and in what areas you can save time, money and stress – simply visit www.officeprimesupplies.co.uk or call the team today on 01270 760713 for an informal chat to hear how.

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