Why is office equipment important to a business?

Why is office equipment important to a business?

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An apt title for this week’s blog and although the specific question of “why is office equipment so important to a business?” isn’t thrown at me too often, I do find myself realising, in a flash of the blindingly obvious, that people often find that they couldn’t do without certain pieces of equipment to support their working day.


It’s a bit like the necessity of having a spoon when stirring your freshly poured tea or coffee …


Worker bees need appropriate tools


Imagine a bee without wings or living in an environment with no flowers. Two immediate stumbling blocks to running a successful, efficient honeycomb operation you might say.


Just like the bees, efficiency is everything in today’s hyper-connected world; even for us mere humans.  But efficiency is only EFFECTIVE if the outcome is also productive, profitable and reputable.


It’ll be some time before artificial intelligence can run your entire business operation (or that you can afford to pay for it to do so). Until Skynet becomes sentient or the inevitable i-robot arrives it’s just you, your staff and the ever-faithful office equipment to seal the deal.


So what office equipment is essential to your business?


Well, we’ve selected three bits of kit that you’ll absolutely need in order to deliver excellence in the workplace.


Are you sitting comfortably?


Of course, it’s the office chair – the sturdy companion that bolsters your weary limbs during the stressful working day. It’s always there, waiting with open arms (or not), to support you 24/7. Yes, many a thought has been pondered whilst sitting in a chair hug.


Even though it’s recommended that you stand up and move around every hour, it’s a shocking realisation that you may be sitting in your trusty office chair for up to nine hours per day (according to AXA PPP Healthcare), maybe more if you’re a workaholic or you run your own business (clause – I do not recommend this, even if I am guilty of it myself!).


With this in mind, remember that the most expensive chair isn’t necessarily the best for you or your individual needs, especially if you are prone to suffering from poor-posture related tension. For this, a kneeling chair or chair that’s ergonomic in nature could be just what you need.


The choice of office chair really is endless and is available in an array of materials, colours, adjustable heights and tilts, optional lumbar supports or with accompanying limb rests. The choice of office chair really is endless.


Can you find it easily?


There’s nothing more frustrating than when you need help with a follow-up report, customer query or staff grievance, and you can’t put your fingers on it.


A neatly organised desk space and structured, tidy cupboards, drawers and cabinets can save precious minutes and a rollicking from the boss.


Having sufficient storage furniture in the office for team use or individual privacy helps with filing, archiving documents, a universal place for books, journals and magazines, and the prevention of lost office supplies.


Keeping sensitive documents under lock and key for GDPR reasons is important but so are personal belongings and data for employees.


Is it there when you need it?


Isn’t it irritating when you hit the print button and nothing happens?


Or something happens but instead of the printout you wanted, you get a jam, or a blank piece of paper reveals itself in the paper tray. This all-too-trying time usually presents itself right before your end of month report is due or it’s five minutes until the daily post is collected.


A printer is arguably one of the most relied upon pieces of equipment in the modern day office. You can even print from your mobile phone or smart watch – genius.


What we often forget is to keep tabs on ink or toner cartridges, paper reams and general upkeep of the printer itself. Keep a stock inventory and try to learn good habits of cleaning the printer at the end of each week and running test prints to make sure the heads are clean and free from powder or ink build-up.


So how important is office equipment really?


Gensler’s Workplace Performance Index, suggests that a good office design can boost employee productivity by up to 20%.


Cultivating a positive office environment, which includes providing the tools for staff to feel comfortable and to be able to get their jobs done with the least amount of resistance possible equates to an engaged and productive workforce.


And remember, a happy workforce equates to a productive, profitable and reputable company.


We’ve gone full circle! And all thanks to the vital role office equipment plays in the office ecosystem.


“A great company to work with. Always a pleasure to deal with when it comes to anything to do with the office!”


Help is on hand


Office Prime Supplies can help you to evaluate your current office equipment and develop a declutter/replacement plan that benefits your office and staff needs. Visit www.officeprimesupplies.co.uk or call us today on 01270 760713 and let’s discuss whether it would be of benefit to meet.

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