Why is office furniture important?

Why is office furniture important?

We all know that first impressions count and the state of your office furniture is important. When a client walks into an office, he or she is almost certainly making a snap judgment. If furniture is shabby or neglected, you can bet that they’re taking a mental note and storing their observations away for future reference (like when it comes to renewing your contract or sending more work in your direction.)

Still, there are other reasons why every business owner should take care of their surroundings, and that’s why we’re looking at the question: Why is office furniture important?

A person is only as good as the tools they use

Think about it. You wouldn’t expect a watchmaker to produce a fine example of the craft with whatever is at the back of the kitchen drawer.

Or a bricklayer to build a house using whatever happens to be in the garden shed.

Office furniture – just like the tools used by the watchmaker and the bricklayer – are no different.

Yes, there are some people who can make the best of a bad situation. They’ll be able to put on a brave face even if the office cupboards are falling apart or their chair keeps collapsing.

Then there are other employees who will think: If my company doesn’t care enough about me to give me the right tools to do the job, then why should I complete my work to the best of my ability?

A win-win situation

Good, well-designed office furniture has been shown to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of staff.

What’s more, happy employees are more productive and efficient. Providing your team with the best tools for the job really is a win-win for everybody.

One-size-fits-all office chairs that are uncomfortable and non-adjustable make for an unpleasant working experience. Short-term problems such as poor posture control can, as we all know, lead to long-term conditions including back problems and time off sick.

Instead, choose an office chair that is tailored to the user and centred around their needs. Keep in mind that the average office worker spends around eight hours a day seated, and it becomes apparent that this is a wise investment indeed. Some staff may need specific equipment and furniture to help support existing conditions and ergonomic chairs and office aids are ideal.

Similarly, desks should offer enough space and room to work, without clutter. Whether your staff choose to sit or stand, the right furniture should support them in fulfilling the task at hand.

And when it comes to organisation, documents should be easy to find, accessible and well ordered. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, cupboards and open bookcases should be designed with these considerations in mind. Nobody wants to be searching for a piece of vital information when the right office furniture solution could save time and a lot of stress.

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Help is on hand

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