Why stationery is important – the lifeblood of the company office

Why stationery is important – the lifeblood of the company office

Your business doesn’t stand still so your stationery should never be stationary!



Have you ever experienced that stomach-knotting moment when your boss asks you to make a note of an important number and your pen ink fades or a key client meeting starts in just five minutes and the stapler will no longer staple? This is the reason why stationery is so important. It might be something you never even think about until it’s not working or it’s missing, but you certainly notice it when you need it and it’s not there!


Take a look around you


Aside from the computer, mobile phone and possibly a desktop handset, printer or tablet – basically anything that has a battery or requires electrical assistance to operate – every office needs stationery fundamentals.


Let’s consider for a moment a busy working day and you’re sitting at your desk with a 101 things on the to-do-list. In fact, if you’re sitting there now whilst reading this blog post, have a quick scan around your desk and pull open a drawer.


Vital stationery


First of all, the following stationery items are an absolute must:


  • The ballpoint or rollerball pen
  • Highlighters
  • Notebook, pad or form
  • Sticky notes or shorthand pads


Second in command stationery


Depending on writing preference or whether drawings or presentations form part of your role, you’re probably spying a number of other marginal stationery essentials.


  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Markers or felt tip pens
  • Correction fluid or aids
  • Drawing aids such as geometry sets
  • Diary, calendar or wall planner
  • Desk pad
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch


These stationery items may seem rudimentary, especially as we live in an electronic age, but from our experience the paperless office is a myth. Ask yourself … could you effectively carry out your business without (some of) them staying within easy reach?


The all-important number


The boss asks you to jot down a number – it could be a telephone number, an account, an order reference or a product code.


What do you need?


A writing instrument and paper of some description. The situation may also call for the number to be input into a customer relationship management system or passed onto colleagues in which case, sticky notes, highlighters or wall planners may come into the equation.


Remember – if you are handling sensitive data whereby an individual can be identified in some personal way, GDPR implications may apply. Always use a shredder to destroy physical copies of information or keep books and pads in a lockable drawer or cabinet. 


Seeing why stationery is important in a new light


Elementary office supplies and equipment – stationery in particular – are taken for granted every day and it’s only when something fails, is lost or gets broken that we realise their importance to completing both simple and complex tasks.


If the lead in your pencil breaks and you can’t find a pencil sharpener, what do you do?


If the whiteboard or flipchart pens have dried up and you don’t know where to find a new one, what do you do?


Would this scenario stress you out a little?


Master good behaviours with these four top tips:


  • Know what stationery items are in your draws, cupboards, your bag, and on your desktop
  • Understand what is kept in the office stock cupboard should supplies deplete
  • Find out who is in charge of the stationery ordering
  • Nominate yourself to order the supplies if no-one seems to be in charge and build a good relationship with the supplier


Many stationery items are available to order on a swift next day delivery but it’s worth checking. Longer shipping times will require you to monitor stock levels to ensure supplies are always available for staff.


A reputable stationery supplier understands the importance of replenishing stock levels and despite the 1000s products available will be able to recommend provisions based on the needs of a business.


A great company to work with. Always a pleasure to deal with when it comes to anything to do with the office!”


Help is only a click away


Office Prime Supplies can work with your business as a trusted partner and put in place a simple and effective system for important stationery orders – why not visit www.officeprimesupplies.co.uk or call the team on 01270 760713 today for an informal chat to see how it all works?

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