Furniture Solutions for the Modern Office

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Your Business Environment Says A Lot About You

You run a great business. You provide quality services and products. Naturally you want a great working environment that reflects the quality and values of your brand


Getting it right is good for you, it’s good for your employees and it’s good for visitors.


Everyone likes it when visitors to the office – whether they are customers, suppliers, or just friends and family – give positive feedback about the way that the office looks and feels!


So, in short, choosing furniture for your office is important.


It’s important that the furniture you choose reflects your brand values, it’s important that you choose wisely for the health and well-being of your team; and, it’s important for the comfort of your visitors.


We have the right solutions for your business, ranging from purely functional furniture, to stylish bespoke solutions. We can provide a selection of new or recycled furniture options, and a full design and fitting service to meet your requirements.


Hours a Day - Average Time an Office Worker is Seated

No. 1

Way to Improve Staff Wellbeing and Happiness - Get your Office Design Right!


Increase in Workforce Productivity from Well-Lit, Aesthetically Pleasing Work Environment.


of a Second ... The Length of Time it Takes to Make a First Impression! (So, Make it Count!)

New Look

The Whole Kit and Caboodle


Standing or sitting there's a desk for all


A nice desk needs a chair that's tailored to the user


From bookshelves to shelved cupboards, we have a range to suit your needs.


Keep the new office looking nice with a place for everything

Present in style

Wipeboards to giant screens - make your presentations stand out


Studies show that a well-lit working environment can improve productivity by as much as 28%.

Getting it Right by Design

One Desk or One Thousand – We have the Solution

Designing a new office layout is important. Not only do you need to choose furniture that is functionally appropriate and will meet your needs for several years to come, but also you need to consider the impact of environmental aesthetics on the health, well-being, and psychology of your workforce.


Often a new office fit out means that the business is undergoing change – an office relocation, business growth, or a re-brand. Whatever the reason, new furniture is more than just a ‘lick of paint’ – it makes a fundamental impact on your working environment and that’s why our team will work with you to help you to get it right.


Office Prime Solutions offers a comprehensive range of furniture services designed to support your organisation. We can measure your office space, plan the furniture schedule, and work with your team to ensure that what you install works for your operational needs, your aesthetic tastes, and the budget you want to spend.


Our services include:

  • Planning
  • Recommendation
  • Installation
  • Clearance of old furniture


Contact us today to discuss your office furniture needs.

We’re happy to help you find the right solution for your business